Life in Heaven (3) Revelation 21:3-4

And I heard a loud voice from the throne, saying, “Behold, the tabernacle of God is among men, and He will dwell among them, and they shall be His people, and God Himself will be among them,
and He will wipe away every tear from their eyes; and there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain; the first things have passed away.”

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is the 10th session of the sermon series titled “Heaven.”

Today I will continue to speak about life in heaven.

In heaven you don’t have to sweat and toil to gain food and clothes.

So, you suppose that after you go to heaven you will spend eternity passing away time doing nothing forever? If you have such a notion, forget it and don’t worry about it at all!

In heaven are so many kinds of things you can enjoy.

As I have told you during the last two sessions, there are many kinds of entertainment, recreational activities, sports, hobbies, parties, feasts, arts performances, and so on.

There are some other happy lives in heaven I have not introduced to you about. Today I will talk about those things.

In addition to all these things that I am explaining to you, when you go into heaven, you will see even far more and greater things than these.

There you will find many things that are pleasant and interesting; and these are things possible only in heaven and cannot be compared with anything else on earth.

You will not be forced to do any kind of work or do any work from a sense of duty, but will enjoy whatever you desire because you want to do it.

That’s why there is true happiness in heaven and anyone can enjoy happiness and peace there.

Through this message, may the heart of all of you be filled with and encouraged by the hope for heaven that is full of true happiness, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray!

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

At the last session I spoke about various performances in heaven. What do you think of movies therein?

Yes, there are theaters in heaven and you can enjoy movies.

The people residing at the 1st and 2nd kingdoms of heaven can watch movies at the public theaters along with others, while those at the 3rd kingdom of heaven and New Jerusalem watch in their personal home theaters.

As the latter people have their personal home theaters, they cannot only watch movies anytime they choose, but they can also invite those whom they love to watch together and enjoy the movies along with desserts.

My family used to go to the movie theater together once a year during the holiday called Chusok, but we have not gone together now for many years because we are all busy in our faithful service to our God-given duties.

All of us are full of the hope for heaven, so none of us has been hurt in their hearts because of it.

Our good God never fails to repay us for whatever we have done on earth, and He repays us with better and more complete things.

What kind of movies will you watch at the movie theaters?

Many memorable events that have taken place during the history of human cultivation will be edited and presented as movies – God’s 6-day Creation, the Great Flood of Noah, the Exodus from Egypt, Jesus’ Public Ministry and the Providence of His Crucifixion, Fiery Works of the Holy Spirit, and powerful lives of the Fathers of Faith, and so on.

When some stories known to us are filmed and shown on the screen, we can feel it more vivid and full of grace and emotions.

Those movies include “Ten Commandments,” “Quo Vadis,” “The Passion of Christ,” and so on.

It is same in heaven.

If the life of the apostle Paul is produced into a movie, we will be able to vividly watch how he met our Lord and how devotedly he had loved the Lord and run the race of faith. Then, the audience will be filled with grace and greatly moved with emotion.

You can see and hear his prayers and praises that he offered to God when he suffered severe trials that cannot be overcome with human ability; even though those words and scenes are not recorded in the Bible, you will see and hear it all.

You can hear the prayers of thanksgiving and praises that he offered to God in jail at Philippi and on the dark and cold sea depending on a piece of wooden board to stay afloat. How touching they will be!

These movies in heaven are not fictitious stories, but they are only true and gracious.

Even a single movie will fill your heart with grace and emotions and cause you to love and worship God all the more.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
When you reside in heaven, you can travel around to every corner in the kingdom of heaven where everything is beautiful and mysterious.

When people travel around the globe, they say there are so many things to see and places to visit. And if they try to walk around every corner of all the countries, how long will it take?

If you do nothing but travel around the world during your whole life, it would be difficult for you to search out every corner of the world.

How long then do you think it might take for you to walk and see around all the kingdoms of heaven that are so broad and vast that nothing on earth begins to compare with heaven?

Compared with the bulk and size of the kingdom of heaven, that of the earth is smaller than a small spot in the midst of the vast universe.

That’s why it will take innumerable time to see around the whole heaven just once with the earthly concept of time.

You have to remember that it takes much time to look around the whole of Paradise. Of course, some limitations follow when you try to travel at the higher level of kingdoms of heaven than your residence.

By the way, you can find something fresh and new everywhere in heaven.

When you travel in other countries, no matter how beautiful the scenery you may enjoy, you have to acclimate yourself to a new environments including water and climates. And you inevitably feel tired because you have to use the vehicles including cars, trains, planes, or ships for hours.

But when you travel around the heavens, you will never feel tired or exhausted because you will put on the heavenly body.

Your heart and the heavenly body will never change, so when you take repeated trips to the same place, you will never feel bored.

So, whenever you travel any place in heaven, you can always be happy and pleased.

The weight of the heavenly body can hardly be felt, so you will walk very lightly and effortlessly.

No matter how long you walk, your legs will not swell, your feet have never hurt, and blisters will never form. No matter how fast you run, you will not become out of breath but be able to run as long as you want.

When you read my book ‘Heaven II,” you might find that it says, “heavenly bodies can fly in heaven.”

Does it mean that you can fly in the air with the heavenly body like a bird?

It does not mean that.

When you enter your eternal residence of heaven after the Great White Throne Judgment, you will put on the heavenly body. The heavenly body is the most proper for the third heaven.

Your heavenly body will feel like it weighs nothing but weights just a little, so you walk with very soft steps. If you try to high jump or broad jump, you can do it much higher and much further than on earth.

In heaven you will enjoy this very light weight, but you won’t fly like birds.

I don’t mean that it is impossible for you to fly in spirit.

When you draw the last breath and your spirit leaves the body, your spiritual shape rises into the air and goes into the Upper Grave.

And when our Lord comes again, those who are alive and received the Lord will be transformed into the resurrected body and fly upward into the place of the 7 years of the wedding banquet.

If one of the Three Persons of the Trinity wants to move from New Jerusalem to Paradise, He can move into there instantaneously.

It will be possible with the divine nature of God the Trinity. He does not “fly” in the space like a bird but moves into another space with the power of transcending spaces.

So, I hope that you understand that it does not mean that you will be able to fly like a bird in heaven. Understand that your heavenly body weighs very little- it is as light as a feather.

When you travel around many places of heaven or travel to another person’s residence, you will take various different kinds of vehicles as means of transportation.

All the vehicles of heaven are pleasant and comfortable, so you will never feel tired or uncomfortable no matter how long you take any of them.

Among various vehicles, some are for public transportation like heavenly trains and others are for personal transportation like a cloud cars or golden carriages.

If you take these vehicles in heaven, you will be happier and it is more pleasant than if you take buses and buses are more comfortable than walking. It is like driving a car is much more comfortable and convenient than walking or taking a bus.

Heavenly trains are decorated with colorful jewels and move anywhere without need of rails to ride on, and all the seats provide all passengers with optimum service and comfort.

When those in Paradise are invited into the Holy City of New Jerusalem, they will get on this kind of train.

The distance between New Jerusalem and Paradise cannot be measured with earthly measurements.

Heavenly trains fly into the air, so they are much faster than if they were to run on the ground.

Just imagine a train is flying in the air and passing through shining lights and you are looking at the beautiful scenery out of the windows of the train.

This is not a dream or an illusion at all. This will be one of the real things in heaven.

A golden carriage belongs to those who reside in New Jerusalem and is used when they fly around the kingdoms of heaven.

This golden carriage has white wings, and it runs or flies with the button attached inside the carriage. It moves with completely an automatic system.

Clouds are used for vehicles in heaven. I have often told you that clouds in heaven add to the beauty and happiness and are like decorations.

When you move around riding on clouds it will make you shine and give you dignity, authority and glory.

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 tell us that our Lord will descend on the clouds of glory, for our Lord will look more dignified, honored and beautiful on the clouds of glory than without any clouds.

Thus, clouds of heaven make the children of God more beautiful and honored.

If you have read a story saying that a main character flies in the air on his personal cloud, most of you may have wished you would ride on a cloud like he does.

Happily, you will find automobiles made of clouds in heaven, which are more wonderful and fantastic. This cloud automobile is for personal transportation. This is not formed with water vapor!

Our Father God will make this automobile of clouds of glory and reward it to His children proper in His sight.

This automobile will not be given to just anyone, but only to those who will enter the 3rd kingdom of heaven and the above. This will be given those in New Jerusalem as for personal transportation.

This automobile itself will reveal the glory, honor, and power of its master.

If you enter New Jerusalem, you will be able to move this cloud automobile and travel around here and there with the Lord accompanied with and waited on by angels and heavenly soldiers.

It is just like kings and princes are escorted and accompanied by many subjects and servants.

The escort of many angels and heavenly soldiers will also reveal the glory and power of the master.

The cloud automobile will be moved by angels, and some of them are for you only, but some others are intended for a couple of people together.

In New Jerusalem, when you play golf and try move from here to there, the automobile of a small piece cloud will wait on you under your feet.

If you ride on the automobile, it will move you to where the ball has landed.

Just imagine you fly in the air on the automobile of clouds in New Jerusalem accompanied and escorted with angels and heavenly armies.

Also, please imagine you are riding on the cloud automobile with the Lord or on the heavenly train along with the people you love, and traveling around the vast heavenly kingdoms.

If you really hope for heaven, your heart has already been filled with joy and ecstasy.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Now I will tell you about communications in heaven.

In our time the development of technology has made it possible to communicate with each other over tremendous distances through the phone and also even able to talk face to face through high-tech camera phones.

What do you suppose heavenly communications are like?

The way to communicate with one another in New Jerusalem is through spiritual communication, namely you can understand in your heart about what others desire to say.

For example, when our Father God holds a great banquet and invites everyone in heaven, the New Jerusalem residents are inspired to understand what to do and prepare it for the banquet.

Our Father God sends out His desire to invite His children as the lights, and the New Jerusalem residents can clearly understand why He has invited and where and how to go there.

That’s because the New Jerusalem residents have taken after the heart of our Father God. His desires and what He wants them to do can be delivered to them through spiritual communication and this communication is understood in their hearts.

This spiritual communication becomes progressively dimmer from the 3rd, to the 2nd and to the 1st kingdoms of heaven.

Only the part of your heart you have accomplished into spirit can go into heaven. So, at each succeeding lower level those in the lower places of heaven will not have reached the measure of spirit that God desires.

If our Father God invites a person who is in the 1st Kingdom of heaven to New Jerusalem, angels will hurry to fly there carrying the honorable invitation.

Thus, only though the invitation card delivered by angels can the people in the 1st kingdom of heaven know when the banquet will be held in New Jerusalem.

That’s why it is so much happier and comfortable for you if you reach the measure of whole spirit and communicate with others in spiritual communication!

You will not have to put your schedules on a calendar nor will you have to examine detailed lists of the members you want to invite.

No matter how flatly you have promised to have meeting with others, sometimes the promise is broken or you feel uneasy because of your failure to contact the individual. Those things will never happen in heaven including in New Jerusalem.

In the next session I will explain to you in more detail how comfortable and happy you will be communicating with others in spiritual ways for the meetings.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today I have explained to you about watching movies, travels, vehicles for transportation, and communication in heaven.

Among the four subjects, let’s review the fourth and final point. On one hand, on this earth communications are different according to the technical level of the equipment and technology of applied to the communications.

On the other hand, there is no flesh at all in heaven. So, the most crucial factor of communication in heaven is how much you have accomplished your heart into spirit.

This is also confirmed through the believers in God on this earth. With the same word of God preached, the depths of the understanding are different depending on the measure of spirit in your heart and the level of goodness and love within you.

With the same stage performance expressing the passion of Christ, some of you are so touched in your heart that you shed tears, while some others are not touched much at all, but just sit and watch it.

This is because the measure of goodness, love and spirit you have accomplished in your heart is different.

When you enter heaven, this part of the spirit within your heart can be taken up to heaven.

Therefore, if you really want to lead the happiest life in heaven for ever, you have to cultivate your heart into whole spirit.

Our Lord Jesus said in the second half of Luke 17:21, “For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.” In other words, you can enter the better dwelling places as much as you have cultivated your heart into spirit.

Therefore, while you are living on this earth may all who are listening to this message try your best to accomplish whole spirit as soon as possible and live a very happy life in the best dwelling place of heaven, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ I pray!


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