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To help ministers and leaders to struggle against sin tothe point of shedding blood.

Welcome to Manmin Seminary

Online Bible Seminary is established to spread the holiness gospel to every corner of the world, based on the word, “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” (Habakkuk 2:14).

It belongs to the United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ of Which the Chairman of the Board of directors is Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee. This Seminary is baed on biblical teachings; particularly, it focuses on the five-folded gospel (Regeneration, Sanctification, Divine Healing, Resurrection and The Seconf Advent) and the theological teachings of Wesleyan and Arminianism

This seminar aims at cultivating church leaders and pastors who are armed with the gospel of holiness and willing to dedicate themselves to spreading the gospel to the world. We flatly stay away from liberal theological teachings and mystical theology and stand firm on evangelical doctrine so that we can follow the calling and will of God for this age. In addition, we place our value and goal on producing spiritual leaders who are equipped with the attitude of john Wesley’s sanctification and Martin Luther’s reforming movement. 

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"Whenever I listened to Dr. Lee's messages, I felt spiritual life and strength, and the strength transformed my life. Meanwhile I was healed of insomnia."
Mrs. Janet Akinola,
Wife of Mr. Joshua Akinola, chargé d'affaires of Nigerian Embassy to South Korea
While reading Dr. Jaerock Lee's testimonial memoirs Tasting Eternal Life before Death, I was so touched and shed tears of emotion. I was also blessed by his messages."
Dr. Jade F. Mundo
Under-Secretary of Minister of Department of Health in the Philippines
Through Dr. Jaerock Lee's sermon and prayer programming, many viewers not only in France but also in many countries in Europe have been receiving answers, healing and salvation."
Gerard Uthayakumar
President of the Holy God TV, France
I listened to hundreds of sermons preached by Dr. Jaerock Lee at the website of Manmin Central Church, and then I realized what a true pastor is."
Pastor Bungsoon Chang,
New Hope Church, South Korea

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